Kontagious Magazine

  • Date
    June 21, 2008
  • Client
    Dawn Butler, Rhonda Mouton
  • Tags:
    Branding, Graphics

Project details

I was first connected to Dawn and Rhonda through my father who, after seeing their first issue of their brand-new start-up magazine Kontagious, suggested they reach out to his son (that'd be me) to see if I could assist in bringing a refined voice to future publications. The first issue lacked a certain level of polish the ladies' wanted to convey so together we created something that reflected their personal sense of style and professionalism.

After numerous versions of the title card for the cover the real work began formatting all the articles and inserting photos and pictures in their proper place.

Unfortunately Dawn and Rhonda had some creative differences and after about 5 issues all production ended. However Dawn remained with Kontagious and the magazine remains in circulation and is doing very well (based on all the email correspondance I still receive).

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