Talent Marketing Agency

  • Date
    May 8, 2014
  • Client
    Talent Marketing Agency
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Project details

After being "convinced" to purchase a few bottles of a so-called high-powered glass cleaner at a local Fry's gas station I found myself in a conversation with a very prococious sales person. Only 22-years old but rather wise and very well-mannered young man we began a very natural yet incredibly deep conversation about life, love, religion and our respective careers. After nearly an hour of dialog he handed me a brochure and his card (that I mistakenly misplaced). Looking at the brochure I thought my skills could aide them in their marketing efforts.

What resulted was a concept of the marketing pamphlet I was handed. I transposed the copy on the brochure, found some photos that closely matched the images on their brochure and created samples of the outer panels of a 3-fold brochure. The idea was to get their attention as a freelance resource for any graphical needs that may arise over the coming weeks/months. Unfortunately I never heard back but this still proved to be a good exercise in creating layouts couple with attractive and eye-catching photos.

I never pass up the chance to learn or expand my skill set even if the outcome doesn't meet my expectations.

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