Wordlife Café

  • Date
    April 19, 2009
  • Client
    Norman Brown
  • Tags:
    Graphics, Branding, Consulting

Project details

Norman Brown, a very close friend I'd grown up and someone I'd consider 'the brother I never had' was in need of branding, marketing and consultant services to launch a new youth-centric ministry that would feature local talent that could express their love and passion for God's word using their unique skill set to bring it to the small stage. Poets, dancers, singers and rappers were all encourage to share their love for God in a relaxed and judgement free environment.

The idea was that the meeting space would also encompass a café where people could enjoy the local talent and a cup o' Joe so the concept was to embrace the coffee shop culture with a design that felt lived in but still fresh and new. Of all the iterations of the logo the final draft was the most iconic and resonated with the client.

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