AZ Brew Hops

  • Date
    January 26, 2012
  • Client
    Craig Adair, Tom Gray
  • Tags:
    Branding, Graphics, Web

Project details

Craig and Tom are beer aficianados and they wanted to share their passion for craft beer with everyone. The idea was to take a tour bus of equally passionate beer drinkers to breweries around the city as well as the entire state of Arizona, home to popular breweries like Four Peaks, the Lumberyard and San Tan Brewery (to name just a fraction of the dozens of breweries in the state).

The logo was very important to Tom and Craig so we worked on it tirelessly for months until it was perfect. The end result was a bit more realistic than we'd intially set out to make but it conveyed what the guys wanted: a true tour of beers and breweries to study the art of making a truly great beer, not a party bus or taxi for the heavily intoxicated.

Unfortunately the idea was a bit more than either of them had anticipated (insurance being the biggest obstacle) so the tour bus never really made it beyond its maiden voyage but the idea is still very novel so there's always hope that they'll ride again.

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