Williams Field HS Dance Program

  • Date
    December 12, 2014
  • Client
    Robyn Kotte
  • Tags:
    Branding, Graphics

Project details

Pending approval from the lead dance instructor at my daughter's high school in Glibert this is a concept logo for the dance program at Williams Field High School. After going to a few dance recitals and seeing the quality of programs created for each event I felt my talent could be of use in helping bring a new level of quality and style to each event.

The first thing on my mind was that a dancer's body would be part of the image, specifically the letter 'A' in the word "dance". Initially I was going to work with a silhouette until I came across a picture of female dancer that was partially silhouette but with visible details like her wind-swept sheer top and choreography shoes. Her face covered by her hair, legs in a leaping motion and outstretched, psudeo-jazz hands I was immediately drawn the image. It didn't matter that her body wasn't shaped like an 'A' as I felt the other letters flanking her body would be telling enough.

The font was also a big help also. I wanted something ecelctic, nuanced and artistic but also modern and easily recognizable. The end result is, by my own estimation, a work of art.

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